Time to Fly 2017

Jack Attack






At 3 months old our son Jack was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  We were devastated to say the least and our world has been forever changed.

Jack has endured 3 brain surgeries for a biopsy and shunts, MRI's, countless CT scans, a feeding tube placement and many more procedures we have lost track of.  In March 2010 he completed a 16 month chemo protocol.  After a 13 month break we found out the tumor was already active again.  During 2011 we tried 3 different chemo regimens to control the tumor, it took 9 months of toxic treatment to find a protocal that worked.  We were able to finally have 2 years w/o treatment but unfortunately this past Feb '17 the tumor started to grow again.  In order to preserve his remaining eyesight we started treatment again, he takes a daily oral chemo and has fortunately been able to tolerate it very well!  This is a medication that has been newly discovered to attack the DNA duplication he has, thanks to new research we are able to avoid highly toxic chemotherapy.


Today our little man is doing well despite all the challenges he faces thanks to all of the prayers, love and support from our family, friends, medical team, and those we have yet to meet.  He is an incredible boy who loves everyone who gives him a smile.  Everyday we are so blessed to have Jack in our lives and he is a constant reminder as to what is really important in life. 


We are raising money to help other children, like Jack, win their battle with cancer and prevent some of the long term and devastating side effects from treatment.  Hopefully one day we will have a cure!







Let’s Raise. Walk. Cure.


We're raising funds for childhood cancer research by participating in an event called Time to Fly, and we need your support.

Did you know only 4 percent of federal cancer funding dollars go to childhood cancer research? That’s not a lot considering 42 children are still diagnosed with cancer every day in the U.S. Not to mention that some chemotherapies for childhood cancers are 40-50 years old.

Childhood cancer survival rates have risen dramatically since the early 1900s, but some childhood cancers still have dismal outcomes. Current treatments can even cause secondary cancers.

Research advances are critical for survival, and I need your support now so that safer treatments and a cure can be created. For every $1 given to Children’s Cancer Research Fund, researchers can secure an extra $18 in government grants and other funding.

Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up.Thank you for supporting life-saving research happening at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital and the families and children who battle cancer daily.

Jack Attack Raised
Breanna Serakos $2,150.00
Drew Aimpson $0.00
Jeff Balvin $0.00
Whitney Balvin $200.00
Beth Barten $0.00
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Rebecca Dahlquist $5,852.00
Jordon Darling $100.00
Matthew Goodmanson $0.00
Stacie Goodmanson $100.00
Nicole Heitzman $0.00
Oliver Hieronymus $0.00
Anne Hofstede-Serakos $169.00
Kasey Howard $0.00
Pamela Huhtala $0.00
Amy Janzen $215.00
Garret Janzen $0.00
Lori Kampa $700.00
Edie Kappelhoff $0.00
Jackie Kappelhoff $50.00
James Kappelhoff $25.00
Jimmy Kappelhoff $0.00
Danielle Kish $600.00
Nick Kish $0.00
cherie lord $0.00
stephen lord $0.00
Gerry Marko $100.00
Nancy Marko $145.00
Colleen McDaniel $0.00
Michael McGettigan $0.00
Dominic Nelson $0.00
Sarah Nohner $50.00
Cassie Pauly $0.00
Micky Pecchia $0.00
Keith Peterson $0.00
James Phillippi $34.00
Jason Phillippi $33.00
Katherine Phillippi $33.00
Todd Phillips $0.00
Bobby Preus $100.00
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Steve Richardson $100.00
Frank Schill $0.00
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Matthew Schwartz $0.00
Anthony Serakos $25.00
Bill Serakos $1,330.00
Hank Serakos $0.00
Jack Serakos $810.00
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David Tannen $10.00
Debra Toohey $500.00
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raise. walk. cure. Saturday September 9, Phalen Park