Time to Fly 2017

Team Chubs

Let’s Raise. Walk. Run. Cure.

Please join me in participating in this amazing event of community coming together for a good cause of raising money for children.  It is a fun and inspiring day to be a part of.  Money raised by Team Chubs will be ear marked to go for funding the research and trials they are doing at the Universtiy of Minnesota for the disease our sweet Sarah had, Epidermolysis Bullosa.  

Many of you may not know our story.  Sarah was born with EB, a rare genetic disease, neither my husband or I had heard of.  If you watch the attached video it will give you an idea what it was like- bandages, open wounds and blisters, yet despite all of that Sarah was a happy and pleasant baby.  When she was born we weren't given hope of any cure or findings that would help ease her pain.  This was devastating to us.  When she was 6 months we found that the University of Minnesota was doing a trial with Bone Marrow Transplants and EB as a step toward finding a cure and possibly easing some of her pain.  We jumped on this opportunity for her, we wanted the best for her and we were buoyed up by the hope of what this could mean for her life.  Unfortunately due to cardiac complications Sarah passed away right before she received her bone marrow transplant.  We were devastated and lost hope for awhile.  We have found hope again through many things, including events like this.  It is heart warming to see the support and know we are doing a small part in helping doctors come steps closer to a cure for this horrible disease.  Please watch this video that shows what her life was like and emotions we had through it.  (Ignore the end about supporting PUCK fund, that has rolled into CCRF)  


Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up.Thank you for supporting life-saving research happening at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital and the families and children who battle daily with this horrible disease.

Team Chubs Raised
Lonni Mooreland $100.00
Brady Bagley $0.00
Laura Bagley $0.00
Benjamin Brown $0.00
Kairi Brown $0.00
Moira Brown $0.00
Anita Gibson $100.00
Robert Gibson $0.00
Heather Girand $115.00
Gabriella Gizzi $0.00
Joseph Gizzi $0.00
Robyn Gizzi $25.00
Alison Gordon $250.00
Casey Gordon $0.00
Caleb Howland $0.00
Michelle Marchant-Wood $0.00
Juliana Martin $0.00
Aaron Mooreland $0.00
Janie Mooreland $0.00
Jay Mooreland $0.00
Deserae Muir $0.00
Desi Muir $0.00
Claire Proulx $0.00
Mary Proulx $0.00
Naomi Proulx $0.00
Sophia Proulx $0.00
Jill Smart $0.00
Quincy Smart $0.00
Patrisha Troy $0.00
Heidi Wilhelmsen $100.00
Edgar Wright $0.00
Rebecca Wright $0.00
Denotes a Team Captain

raise. walk. cure. Saturday September 9, Phalen Park